Amy 3.0 (Poor Quality, Use for Events!)

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Meet Amy, a 3.0 Avatar

  • Poor Quality, NOT Very Poor. Use at events!
  • FBX Included
  • Upload Ready
  • FBT Ready
  • Updated Phys Bones for Hair, Ears, Tail, and Hair Accessory
  • Toggles:
    • Remove Fishnets, Jewelry, and Tail
  • Locomotion Fix

Unity 2019.4.31f1

Upload Instructions:

  • Make a new Unity project in the above version.
  • Import VRCSDK (MUST be the newest one)
  • Import Poiyomi
  • Import Amy by soupiee.unitypackage
  • Double click the Amy by soupiee scene in the Scenes folder


(Base) Pandaabear (Head) sleepy, (Flower Collar) KOLD., (Hair Stick) Hayami#0001, (Chest Chain) 설레오#0001, (Tail and Ears) Grimos#6496, (Outfit) Nepnewp#4664, (Eye Texture) awmi

Do not use any assets from this project without getting from the original creator. Do not share this package. Do not leak/rip. Do not make public when uploading.


  • Amy, a 3.0 Avatar

  • Size
    55.2 MB
  • Amy, a 3.0 Avatar
  • Size55.2 MB
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Amy 3.0 (Poor Quality, Use for Events!)

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